Networking and partnerships in today's industry are the major points to success.

COCASO's network of business partner, know how domains and service provider is carefully selected, developed and maintained.

This worldwide activity lead to COCASO being very well positioned within latest developments, state of the art in the industry, and non technical business related aspects.

Following the strategy of providing valuable solutions to the industry the selection of our partner was performed with special care.

The strong relationship to Mastercard International is maintained since 1998, so today we are working together on the latest version of the specification of the Card Quality Management CQM, as much as providing the CQM auditing services to the card vendors.
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Supporting the International Card Manufacturer Association ICMA in the European Region is strongly in the focus of COSASO to support the networking and the education in the card and security industry.
A number of further partner companies gives COCASO the unique opportunity to provide solutions and services for nearly all card related demands.
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