COCASO performs audits in correspondence with ISO 19011 focussing on defined requirements. The scope of the professional audits vary from project targets, production issues to the progress review of project and various other.

COCASO (Thies Janczek) is an accredited auditor of Mastercard International's CQM certification scheme.

The audit of the vendors installed testing processes and quality management is performed following international standards for the workshops below being in the supply chain.

IC – Integrated Chip
ICM – Integrated Chip Module
PIL – Proximity Inlay for contactless cards
AIL – Antenna Inlay for dual interface cards
iacIL - InterActive Card Inlay
IAC - InterActive Card (e.g. display, interactive buttons, biometric sensors)
ICC – Integrated Chip Card
DICC– Dual Interface Card
PICC – Proximity Integrated Chip Card
P – Personalization

Card Quality Management is an important factor to the success of your production. COCASO is very frequently employed for the initial set up and the optimization of these management processes.
COCASO furthermore serves as independent auditing entity for vendors to state conformity of the in-house testing to existing international and national standards (ISO, IEC, DIN, ASTM, AFNOR, etc.) as much as to special test procedures defined in specifications.
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COCASO (Thies Janczek) is accredited by the gematik to audit internal testing procedures at the card manufacturer. To fulfill the eGK requirements with respect to the gematik_eGK_Spezifikation_Teil3_Vxx the card manufacturer has to perform the tests defined either at an accredited lab or in house. For in house testing the test procedures, equipment, and the quality management has to be audited and reported to gematik. Cocaso is happy to provide you these services.
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