Thies Janczek started already in 1998 the work with Mastercard International for the development of the specification being the quality requirements of the Card Quality Management CQM scheme. In late 2004 he reviewed the document in a technical as much as in an editorial way.

The current best practice procedure for the CQM process was originally introduced to the marketplace by COCASO. Currently more than 200 companies are CQM certified.

Being the most active auditor for this scheme many audits have been performed worldwide, being employed by global customer with a central quality management or overseas production capacities.

The installed quality systems and processes as much as the testing of component/cards, for the module and inlay production, for the contact/contactless card manufacturing, and for the personalization activities have been audited and optimized with the manufacturer.
In September 2009 MasterCard externalized the operations for the CQM scheme to the Smart Consulting group. For the initial contact to start your CQM certification program please get in contact with Mr. Eric Berlin at

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