Per definition a project always has to exhibit a unique character. This leads to always new and challenging demands with every project. Until today performed projects are including:

Security Card – education of a standard card production towards the specifics for security ID-card production.

Set up of card production – after description of the specific frame conditions a production concept, taking into account the process flow, equipment, materials etc., was developed and implemented including the quality concept for the qualification, the production tests, the supplier specifications, and the working instructions.

Production process implementation – in numerous projects new printing technology has been introduced, set up and ramped up at the customer premises, covering the education of the personnel.

Specification and documentation – generation of requirements, quality manual, security procedures, process instructions and other documents with respect to state-of-art technologies and up to date normative references.

Quality Management System – set-up, generation and optimization of quality management system with respect to ISO 9001 and APQP processes with strong reflection of the industries established processes and demands to optimize administrative efforts.

Equipment dispatch – for the dispatch at the equipment manufacturer's site, conformity to the specifications as much as to industry standards was checked and reported prior to the release of the shipment.

Material optimization – with respect to the card manufacturer's specific needs and/or the end customer specification, the involved materials and combinations of those have been optimized in various projects.

Typical topics solved by COCASO were:

  • Optimization and qualification of the laser engraving ability of card constructions.

  • Technology surveys with respect to customer demands and strategical orientation. (e.g., Dual Interface Technology and Injection Moulding for Smart Cards)

  • Long life card material selection and process adaptation.

  • Laminate solidity characteristics were optimized in terms of adhesive materials and lamination process to receive peel strength values way above ISO requirements.

  • UV printing colors and consumables for the ramp up of the new printing process with UV-curing colors.

  • Security features were in various cases developed for the project needs.

  • Functionality report on light & temperature sensitivity, optical special effects in visible and non-visible light conditions, hidden elements, and forensic features.